As the year end, we are grateful for the life that God is still bestowing upon us. It has been a year full of ups and downs, but we are always given a chance to start another year in a clean slate. However, we always learn with experience and here are some of the lessons I learned and have observed from other people in 2018.

1.Know your true worth and stick with it. Nobody in this world will know who you truly are than yourself and of course…God and if you are lucky, a proven, consistent, true partner/spouse/friend. There is no need to do less things to please people, just be true to yourself no matter who will see it as a threat. It’s your God given power to exist…and it is more to use this existence to the best of your ability with the right mind and the right people.

2.Everybody has their time. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to succeed, you got to trust the process. Don’t compare yourself with anybody. Most of the things you see in social media are captured in a spur of a moment. Look at social media just to see not to take it all in and compare to your life.JIn one of Jay shetty’s videos,he expalains clearly how “Everyone has a different clock. Wait for your time”.

3.Follow your instincts. Your body is a very powerful intuitive communicator. Your intuition will help you get some message or signs to your body. Listen to them. We tend to ignore these instincts or ask for opinion elsewhere which will later make us doubt our instincts ,which were true in the first place. Connect with your body and soul. This will help you maneuver in life and help you face your challenges and conquer them.

4.Be with people who bring the best in you. In this 21st century, the world is losing its true social meaning among people day by day. Every day is becoming a rat race. We are truly forgetting our true purpose in the first place; to help each other. This days people are bringing each other down. Everybody is chasing things everyday and forgetting that it is the human beings that matter not material things. Nothing is permanent in this world, Lord knows if there you will be guaranteed a tomorrow.

5.Not everybody will understand you. There will be people who will view you as the best person they have met and there will others who will say that you are the worst. Only the humbled will understand that there are different people in this world with different views and perspectives and no matter how people turn out ,.be kind and never be the reason somebody loses himself or herself because of you. If you got nothing to say that will make a person grow, just keep quiet and watch them from a far. It will be better, trust me.

6.More children are been brought to this world so do not be so full of yourself. There is somebody who will come an occupy the position you are in now in the future. Have respect for everybody in this world no matter their age, gender, race ethnicity and religion One day the world will wake up and favor the one you despise or treat bad. Choose to be the best GENEUINE example out there. Don’t say anything that you not practicing. Don’t give advice to somebody and you yourself are not following that advice. Your words will always find a way back to you, even 30 years to come when you cannot remember.

7.Find your spiritual connection. Our souls bring out our personality. Our bodies are just carriers of our souls in the world. If you feel you must get away to find this connection, do so. Listen to your soul more than your body. It will guide you to you true purpose in this world. The feeling of finding what you are here for, it is unexplainable. Do not just be chained to the rhythm of life that has been put there in the world. Seek something else beyond it and you will be happier than you have ever imagined.

8.If you have time, try different things. This is in line with your instincts. If you see something and you would like to try it just do it. Explore what your heart is always telling you to do, and by this you will be able to know well what works for you and what doesn’t. Even if the people around you do not agree with what has caught your eye, just do it. You might surprise yourself in a while and know yourself better. Do not always follow what your friends or family want. If you heart say go left and everybody wants to go right, just go left and you will not regret in your dying bed of why you did not try what your heart told you to do.

9.Say the truth. Not so many people like the truth and some avoid it in the best way possible way  that they can. The truth hurts, but it will set things in line before it’s too late. Say what s on your mind and do not prevent somebody from telling their own truth. Listen more than you speak before you can state our judgement on whatever decision that stands before you. Always consider what is right in the eyes of the creator before putting your stand.

10.Be attentive with the people around you. Master the people around you and master who is as true as they say they are. There are savages among us. They will display to be as beautiful as a peacock, but their intentions are not good. At the end of the day, you know who your true friend is or who is a  bad friend. Do not entertain the pretentious friends or family as much as your loyal friends and family. Watch out for the bad friends, just be cautioned in everything you do with them. Have the secret to yourself that you know that they are no good and one day they will know, that what they do was  known a long time ago.


Written by Lyfe Chami


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