For the girl who cries because something is wrong

For the boy who has no strength

For the mother who struggles for her kids

For the dad who does everything to provide for his family

For the student, who doesn’t do well in exams

For the child who is bullied in school

For the young talented individuals who do not know where to start; little support will be wonderful to jump start their confidence

For the teacher that is under payed bad yet deserves a ‘teacher of the year award’

For the refugee who flew away cause of conflict

For the volunteers who give their time to help anyone they can

For the foundation that helps the needy and less fortunate

For the spiritual man or woman who gives his life for the service of others

For the people who choose passion over money

For the prisoners and victims who have received injustice

For all those who go through mental traumas and try to get out of it.

For the child who was born with abnormality, it’s God’s creation too

For orphans who have lost their parents through national tragedies

For the families who have lost their loved ones through reckless human actions

For the homeless who have nowhere to go

For the addicts who are despair ate of help but don’t know where to start

For the street children who learn the rugged way of life

For the citizens of a nation who are always negatively affected by politics

For the introverts in an extroverted world

For the people afflicted by poverty and everything that comes with it

For the people who feel unloved by the whole world and must face the world alone

For that one sibling who strives to keep up with his or her other siblings cause of their difference.

For the sick who awaits who are told to have funds to receive treatment: life and health are precious

For the good Samaritans who chooses to offer his good heart despite of the unrotten society

Fight for love, justice, integrity, honor, freedom, tranquility, equality in human rights, democracy…………….

Fight for God’s way! Fight for  what is right!

Written by Lyfe Chami












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